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Diskology LLC was founded in 2002 by a group of data storage experts with over 40 years combined experience in the storage industry. Diskology began with the goal of providing fast, portable, reliable data duplication products for the IT and computer forensic markets.

In 2003 Diskology introduced the original Disk Jockey portable hard disk duplicator. The product was, and remains, the world's most affordable hard disk duplicator. In 2005 Diskology released the Disk Jockey Ultra Portable IT and Forensic models, portable disk duplicators that could fit in the palm of one's hand. In February of 2008 Diskology released the Disk Jockey PRO IT and Forensic, even faster, more feature packed portable hard drive duplicators which continue to be at the forefront of the portable disk duplication market.

In 2006 Diskology signed a strategic partnership agreement with disk duplication pioneer Intelligent Computer Solutions (ICS) to provide mid-range and high-end disk duplicators to Diskology customers. Diskology has sold tens of thousands of hard drive duplicators and has received many positive reviews from computer users and industry experts alike and the engineers at Diskology continue to work on new duplication products and partnerships that will allow Diskology to remain on the forefront of the portable hard disk duplication market.

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