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Hey, don't take our word for it, see what other Disk Jockey users have to say about it's incredible value and performance. New user testimonials practically arrive daily!

You'll make your IT colleagues jealous

"This is a super piece of equipment. We have an earlier model and it has saved so much time and grief, I promote it to all my fellow IT professionals. Once during upgrade project, we had 17 computers that would not work when the install team left. We were able to reimage all 17 hard drives over the weekend and by Monday were ready for business."

System Admin

The Disk Jockey saves time

"Your product has already saved me at least 30 hours of work in my two weeks of ownership.
Thank you!"

Jay B.

That's **** great!

"I can't begin to tell you the number of times the DJ has gotten my **** out of the fire!"

Then, after using the Disk Jockey Pro we get this:

"I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with the 'PRO'. My prayers have been answered!!! This device is flawless. The original Disk Jockey worked in 90% of the situations I needed it to do its 'thing'. The Pro looks like it has been working in 100% of the situations I have used it on.

"In the past I ran in to too many situations where either drive failure was imminent or data loss was just around the corner and I needed to do something fast. With the original Disk Jockey I had to find a drive that was the same size or larger than the original. Then, if there was a bad sector I had to freeze, heat, bang or shake the drive to try and get a complete clone. Now, not only can I reduce my inventory of drives, but the success rate for cloning for me is at 100%. What more could I ask for? Nothing!"

Charles R. Ojserkis, President, TechWorks Inc.

Disk Jockey is great at being the right tool

"Thanks for making such a great product, the DJ is just what we needed!"


Customer raves on blog, Diskology blushes.

Sometimes we get more than we bargain for. Here is a small outtake from this customer's blog:

"I found it easy enough to operate and using it saved me at least 8 hours of work in the first use. It virtually paid for itself in the first use!"

To read the rest of this glowing testimonial, go here.


The Disk Jockey, great for Show-and-Tell.

"You have one great product there! I am happy to add this to my toolbag and am looking forward to show-and-tell at work on Monday! With the combination of your great product and superb customer service, I imagine you'll enjoyed continued success for a long time.  I also love the humor throughout the user manual and website!

"The DJ saved me hours of reloading a client's PC due to a failing HDD.  I'm thrilled to have it in my toolbag."

S. Moore

Great products AND Customer Service? What a concept!

"Thanks for all the help. It’s kinda nice to meet a company where customer service still exists."

Loren S., USA Petroleum Corporation

Disk Jockey, its a, "no brainer."

"Worked like a charm. I'd like to say it was a 'no brainer' - must be describing me 'cause the DiskJockey seems pretty intelligent by comparison! Fantastic product!!!!!! Fact is, I'm really happy that DiskJockey works so well. I've tried other products but this takes the cake and's smart enough to turn off when finished."

Tom G., Intelligent Network Director

Even the military is getting in on the Disk Jockey.

"Just wanted to tell you that you have a great product! Great tool - quick, easy, and affordable! And the support ain't bad either!


Steven Shandrow Contr.

Disk Jockey does the dirty work... even across the pond!

"I work for a company named Seccredo here in Sweden. Seccredo is a consulting firm specializing in strategic and operational risks and opportunities in the business community. Our foremost assets are our management and specialist skills and expertise, derived from many sectors of society, in both Swedish and international settings.

"I myself have been using the Disk Jockey Forensic to “clone” hard drives from customers who suspects that an employee might be leaking information to a competitor. Because of the small size of the Disk Jockey Forensic it’s easy to carry all around the world. After a cloning of a hard drive I bring it back to our lab where I examine it with professional forensic software. And the Disk Jockey Forensic works great as a write blocker so no information is written to the cloned hard drive.

"This is for me a great product and it comes to a price that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the computer forensic equipment society."

Marcus Maensivu, Computer Forensic Examiner, Seccredo AB – Sweden

Disk Jockey, practically more features than you need!

"I have used my Disk Jockey in forensic exams in the write block mode (mode 8) and was very secure with the knowledge that I would not write to the drive during inspection. I also use the Disk Jockey for cloning drives when repairing OS problems so I always have a backup in the event something goes wrong. It is extremely convenient to attach via firewire or USB to transfer files when installing a new OS so user data is saved. On the job besides the forensic exams, I use it for data erase when we replace employee’s computers because many of the employees work with sensitive data. As a matter of fact the only mode I haven’t used is the disk mirroring mode! When I needed support I was amazed at how quickly I received a response answering my question. Quick responses are RARELY received from most companies I deal with as an IT systems manager. I can honestly say that the Disk Jockey is not only the most useful but also the best device I have purchased in a very long time!"

Nancy Schwartz

Disk Jockey; no muss, no fuss...

"As an administrator of over 80 computers I don't have time to play with disk cloning software or drill holes in old hard drives in order to securely dispose of them. The Disk Jockey is that all in one standalone tool your looking for! Great product. Great company!"

Mark Cox, Systems Administrator - G.N. Plastics. Co. Ltd, Nova Scotia Canada

We asked Tony Knight, Systems Manager for Church Art Works and One Way Out, how he uses his Disk Jockey... (very well, it appears)

"I used to work for Apple as a Retail Sales Manager and I'm also a registered Level 3 Apple Tech. I've been the Systems Manager for Church Art Works and One Way Out since 1995, and I still have many businesses around town that only want me touching their machines after all these after hours job, after my already more than full time job at Church Art Works. :-) This little Disk Jockey is going to save me tons of time with HD upgrades. Plus, I don't have to carry a bunch of external HD cases with me when I go out on a call. I don't have to worry about if a customer has a PowerBook with a 2.5" drive or a new G5 with Serial ATA.

"I already have completely customized systems where every machine in the building is set one that any employee can sit down and go to work and almost everything is configured the same way. I call it the "Hit by a bus theory". If one guy is gone or on vacation anyone should be able to pick up the ball and run. The Disk Jockey makes this go even faster as I can have one master system all set up and then clone it onto any new systems we may need. If we hire a new artist no problem. We can be up and running in an hour instead of hand installing and configuring an art computer for 8 hours. (We have a ton of stuff) ;-)

"A computer is either the least expensive employee, helper, and best money making tool you will ever have, or a huge thorn in the flesh. ;-) Building on a good foundation is key. It helps a great deal if everything is configured correctly from the very beginning. If set up properly, the computer will be like a faithful employee that you pay for once at the beginning. Then with regular maintenance, they should work without too much complaint for many years. A well oiled machine will make a business money...a bad system, leaves a lot of employees standing around with dollars evaporating into thin air. When a person really considers what their time is worth...a minute here, five minutes there, it adds up pretty fast over a week, month, or year. It's simply not worth it. It's like a whole in the bottom of your boat. The Disk Jockey is a huge time saver!"

Tony's Theory:
"I only do things one way...the correct, most efficient way possible. I have a saying, "Do it now, or you will spend twice as much time and twice as much money latter." We all know that time is money. A computer is an important tool, it should not be hobby, or at least not make you feel like it's a hobby. :-) The Disk Jockey is the correct tool for the job.

"Thanks Diskology...keep up the great work."

Tony Knight, Systems Manager, Church Art Works and One Way Out

"The box contained everything we needed to get going. We had our first HD setup and copied in 15 minutes!"
Jon Barker
Pennsylvania Farm Bureau

Make light work out of disk work with the Disk Jockey

"We are using the Diskology tool to setup new laptop computers. We needed a quick and efficient way to setup 40 laptops identically. The Diskology tool provides a quick way for us to do that. We also will be selling the old laptops and the Diskology tool will be used the same way to setup these laptops identically too! What's cool about the diskology tool is in the copy process, there is no need to format the hard drives ahead of time, and at 2GB per minute copy time, we'll be done in no time!

"I saw how small the Diskology tool was on the web photo, but it still amazed me how small it is. The box contained everything we needed to get going. We had our first HD setup and copied in 15 minutes!"

Jon Barker, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, Camp Hill, PA USA

Get excited to use hardware again with the Disk Jockey!

"The Disk Jockey was exactly what I was looking for in a portable hard drive diagnostics and cloning tool. It is perfect for performing onsite hard disk backups. No more loading 3rd party software and going thru configurations hoping everything will be OK. The Disk Jockey is so easy and fast, I get excited when I get to use it. Plus all my techie buddies are jealous now. Thanks for such a great product and making my job that much easier."

Phillip Gray, Technical Support - MidSouth Technologies, LLC Drumright, OK

Disk Jockey, great for forensic work

"The DiskJockey is an impressive piece of gear for the forensic examiner who wants to get into stand-alone hard drive duplication without spending thousands of dollars. It's simple, super portable, and best of all, it works. I was also struck by the courtesy and responsiveness of the manufacturer, something that most certainly cannot be taken for granted in this field!"

Jerry Hatchett, CCE(Certified Computer Examiner), Evidence Technology, LLC
Computer Forensics, Forensic Video/Audio, Data Recovery

Even High Schoolers have reaped the benefits of the Disk Jockey (after the waiting list)

"My high school computer repair class (24 students) is responsible for repairing and maintaining the Macs and PCs on campus and I can’t tell you how much time the Disk Jockey has saved us.  We keep 6 hard drives in our classroom with the “perfect” images of each of the different types of computers on campus (Teachers PC, Student PC, Graphics Lab Mac, CAD Lab PC, etc.).  When something goes wrong and requires formatting, we simply backup what we can to the Novell Server, re-image the drive using the Disk Jockey and copy the files back from the server.  It sure beats the software method of imaging hard drives and save tons of hours over reinstalling the OS and installing each application.

"We have had to make a waiting list to reserve this tool.  Students may carry it across campus to backup files from a Mac lab, or re-copy several PCs in our Career Center Lab that have gone corrupt.

"One of the great things this tool can do for us it copy one Mac HD to another without even taking them apart.  Just plug in the FireWire connections on both, boot from CDs and you can swap the whole drive for just certain files.

"When another 'Techie' friend showed the Disk Jockey to me, I knew instantly we HAD to have one.  I can’t say enough good things about this time-saving device.  It is by far the most important tool we have for our computer repair class."

Gary Bissell, Computer Service & Repair Class, Atascadero High School

Disk Jockey tackles the big guys too!

"You guys make a great product. We did a major rollout of close to 100 machines in the last month and we used the Disk Jockeys to image the machines and it has worked great for that purpose. My Tech's love the product and use it almost on a daily basis. Thanks again!"

Jim Roach, Network Manager, Lockheed Martin Sippican

"'s simply the best tool in my box."
Mike McGrath
Cheif Technician
Physiology Dept.
Queens University Belfast

Quickly becoming the best tool in every IT guy's tool box!

"The Diskology Disk Jockey has made my IT job so much easier it's simply the best tool in my toolbox. The effortless ability to - check a disks integrity, to quickly clone a replacement disk, to replace a corrupt .dll, or through (legally) cloning hard drives quickly install a suite of identical computers, to have preconfigured backup hard drives at hand. This small and simple to use machine is worth every penny of its purchase price. It could only have been devised by people who spend hours installing, repairing or working on computers. Well done you 'nerds.'"

Mike McGrath, Chief Technician, Physiology Dept, Queens University Belfast

The Disk Jockey has all kinds of useful features!

"Top Drawer! That's the best way to sum up my impressions of the Disk Jockey. As a 25 year veteran of the computer industry, I have to say that this is hands down one of the neatest little devices I've seen in a long time.  I originally ordered the Disk Jockey for cloning FreeBSD (i.e. Unix) server hard drives, but soon realized it would work for many other things as well.

"One of the most interesting features is being able to mount a free standing hard drive on your Windows XP desktop using the USB port; I can't tell you how many times that would have come in handy in the past. In a word, I love the Disk Jockey and plan on using it for many years to come. Thanks for a terrific product and outstanding customer support."

Ray Johns, Founder & CEO

The Disk Jockey has become the answer for many!

"ProTech Consultants is an I.T. consulting company that focuses on small to mid-sized businesses. ProTech has chosen Diskology’s Disk Jockey as its exclusive hard drive cloning and maintenance solution.

"In today’s world of Ad-ware, Spy-ware, and virus threats, ProTech often finds that the most cost-effective way for a client to get an infected computer back up and running is to back up the pertinent data and then reformat and rebuild the computer. The question most commonly asked is, 'What if I forget to mention some data that needs to be backed up? Will it then be lost forever?' The answer: Disk Jockey! ProTech uses Disk Jockey to clone the client’s drive, then either sells it or leases it back to the client, thus ensuring the integrity of the client’s data. Based on our past experience with Disk Jockey, we trust the device explicitly and have been extremely happy with its performance.

"ProTech Consultants offers very competitively priced system upgrades. When a client is looking to upgrade their network workstations (whether they’re ATA or SATA), they may purchase 2 to 20 identical computers. We simply set up an image, compliant with the client’s requirements; run Sysprep to prepare the drive for imaging; then use our Disk Jockeys to clone the drive to all the other computers. This is a simple method that allows our helpdesk staff to assist in the installs, freeing up our senior consultants to work on higher-level solutions."

Brian Kantar, President, ProTech Consultants, Corp.

"The Disk Jockey rocks."
Marty Kacin
CTO & President
KACE Networks, Inc.

It's a simple to use enterprise tool too!

"The Disk Jockey rocks. We use the the Disk Jockey as part of both our QA and Build functions. We ship enterprise server appliances and require a solution that:

- Is simple and affordable
- Supports all of our operating systems
- Works with RAID Array drives
- And is multi-function use for copy, check, and erase

The Disk Jockey does ALL of this and more for under $500. We don't have either the time nor a static enough environment to use ghosting technology. Most of our server technology is not MS Windows based. And we have never found anything as simple to use as the Disk Jockey. Out of the Box, the DJ solved and automated our new server build issues and left us with a repeatable process that anyone could perform."

Marty Kacin, CTO & President, KACE Networks, Inc.

Even Xbox hard disks are no match for the Disk Jockey

"I can now confirm that the Disk Jockey can copy identical unlocked Xbox hard disk drives :)

I didn’t do anything special, just unlocked the “original” disk using Evolution-X (I guess you can do it in Config Magic, too) then used the Disk Jockey’s normal copy operation :)

It was easy, I usually don’t read the manuals, I had a lot of fun. I have a Disk Jockey at my work. Now I am going to get one for home, too :)"

K. Dyfvelsten - Sweden

Disk Jockey handles even the most sensitive data with ease

"Our company was in a bind - we had an ATA RAID-5 array that had intermittent failures that we could not pinpoint.  On that RAID array was years of archived medical data without a recent backup.  Data preservation was of the utmost importance.  Using the Disc Jockey, we were able to migrate the data from the questionable RAID disks to new disks, thus preserving the integrity of the original data in the event that recovery attempts corrupted the disks.  Using the migrated data on the new disks, we were able to salvage the data and get a new RAID array online in just a few hours.

I know of no other single tool that will do what the Disc Jockey does for RAID systems.  Just finding a utility to do a true sector-sector copy regardless of the data structure was fruitless, until we found the Disc Jockey  The Disc Jockey's many functions provided everything we needed for a successful restore.  Thanks to Diskology for a superb product!"

N. G., Medical Archive Specialist

Disk Jockey, so easy to use even a doctor can use it!

"...note that I am not the IT person, but a doctor in our clinic, and I was the one who was able to clone the drives (i.e. it's easy to use)."
Michael J. Crowe, M.D.
Owensboro Dermatology Associates

"I am a dermatologist in Western Kentucky with a heavily computerized "paperless" office (electronic medical records, electronic billing/scheduling, etc). We have over 50 PCs in the office, many of them identical (Dell) configurations.

"I saw the Disk Jockey online and ordered it, since we occasionally have to clone a drive (to get a PC back up and running fast) if one fails, etc.

"We have an IT person on staff who does this. It is a much easier process than Norton Ghost (which we also use) and other similar software. I have two personal Compaq tablet PCs (TC1000's). I loaned one to a previous IT person for a while, and let him erase Windows and install Linux on it (to try some things out with our medical records software).

"A few months later, he got married and ended up taking another job in another city, and returned the PC to me when he left, with Linux on it. He tried to copy the hard drive of my Windows tablet (to get Windows XP Pro Tablet edition and other software back on it), by doing a fresh install of Windows (we had trouble with the docking station CD/DVD player not letting us boot/install windows). We tried using a USB to IDE cable to copy the drives by having one in the Compaq tablet, the other on the USB/IDE cable. Again, no luck (perhaps hidden files or something).

"After all this headache (i.e. not having a tablet being able to install Windows and use it), when I got the Disk Jockey (with 2.5" adapters), I took the 30GB hard drives out of both tablets. I plugged them into the DJ as per the instructions, cloned the drives in less than 30 minutes.

"Put them back in the Tablets and they both work perfectly. This use alone saved me a tablet computer worth over $1500, and also saved a lot of time.

"Finally, note that I am not the IT person, but a doctor in our clinic, and I was the one who was able to clone the drives (i.e. it's easy to use). Our present IT person also likes it for cloning a drive when we need a machine up and running after a failure, etc."

Michael J. Crowe, M.D., President, Owensboro Dermatology Associates

Great support, even better user guide

"Ive been using the disk-jockey for a couple of months now and I love it. I use it mainly for duplicating hard drives and for formatting. Its been working great for both desktop harddrives and also for laptop harddrive (with the addition of the desktop to laptop harddrive converters).

"I'd also recommend it, based on the support team that backs it up. I had a few questions when starting off, and I got great support from the Diskology team.

"Finally, the instruction manual is one of the most enjoyable and helpful prints I've come across. Its subtle wit, actually keeps you interested."

Adrian Dunne, IT Department, Accenture New York Office

Yes, the Disk Jockey is a dream... (come true)

"Many thanks for your dream. After seeing a review in MacUser UK many months ago, your product has resonated with me for quite a while. When purchasing my Mac G5, I felt the Disk Jockey would be a perfect complement.

"Some of the jobs I do are: Tech Support, Video/Audio Editing and Graphic/Website Design. DVDs and CDs simply don’t fulfill the requirements for backup and storage of today’s large capacity hard drives. Standalone external drives are fine, but what if you want to archive a project or keep a full copy of someone’s hard drive?

"Now all I have to do is purchase a hard drive to back up a clients machine (which price per MB is cheaper anyway) or I can just attach the Disk Jockey to another drive to give myself unlimited space for working with video and personal backups - and if I’m working on a really important project I can attach a second drive, mirror them and always have a backup in case one goes down. When onsite with a client, I can even use Disk Jockey to check their disk for errors! Oh, and best of all - it works on either a Mac or PC! All of these options are bundled in a product that is solid and well designed, easy to use and quite clever, not to mention having a manual that is simple, informative and even amusing - Disk Jockey is my dream come true."

Chris Reina, Magic Moonshines, Ireland

Disk Jockey provides relief from those "not so fresh" drives:

"One of my clients was diagnosed with a rapidly failing hard drive. It exhibited clicks and whirrs and I didn't think it had much life left. I didn't want to take the chance of losing the drive by using software recovery tools to backup all the data. I needed a one-shot solution that would let me get the data in one pass.

"Using the DiskJockey was very easy. Within twenty minutes of setting the target and source drives up on my DiskJockey, I had a complete clone of the drive and the system was back up and running. I looked at the target drive for any abnormalities and found absolutely none--this was a mirror clone of the drive.

"This product is very well constructed and I will definitely be keeping it in my toolbox for future critical jobs. Great job!"

Torrey Loomis, President, Silverado Systems - Apple Pro Video Sales

Disk Jockey saves you time and money.

"The 'Disk Jockey' is saving me at least 100.00 per hard drive."
John Rolf
Service Manager

"The 'Disk Jockey' is saving me at least 100.00 per hard drive. The drives we need to copy are coming out of a print controllers. They are written in Red Hat Linux with GRUB as the boot loader. Until 'Disk Jockey' came along , any issue with the hard drive and we had to purchase a new 'Pre-Loaded and partitioned drive' from the manufacturer. This was costing us a minimum of 200.00 per unit .Their were months when I was buying 10 units. To sum the whole thing up 'Disk Jockey' is allowing me to purchase 'off the shelf' drives at a great COST SAVINGS(10 X 100.00 = 1000.00), because I NO longer am stuck at having to purchase drives from the manufacturer."

John Rolf , Service Manager, DNT

Disk Jockey, faster than Ghost.

"I like the Disk Jockey!  I wish I had it long ago.

"One example of my use.  I had a couple of computers with WinXP that wouldn't boot. So, the normal way to get them up again is to boot with the install CD to the Console and use DOS commands to copy the register files from the "snapshot area".  This is tedious and slow.  I just hooked it up to my test computer with the Disk Jockey by USB, and used the windows commands to do it!! Very nice.   And it is extremely quick since I don't have to power down and power up my test computer each time!!  I like it!!

"I have also use the Disk Jockey in the standalone disk copy mode. That works great too.  I normally use Ghost for that but the Disk Jockey is much faster and will work with Linux drives, SATA drives, you name it.  

"So, bottom line, it's a keeper!!"

Ed Leubke, Principal, Custom Computer Care

Rapidly deploying new systems the Disk Jockey way.

"Some months ago I brought this product (Disk Jockey) in the UK and have been very happy with it.  As a network manager it allows me to rollout multiple PC's with the same configuration, rapidly!"

Mike Horsley, Network Manager
ITT Jabsco

Let the Disk Jockey make you look brilliant!

"Recovery missions involving multiple hard drives are becoming more and more common today. The Disk Jockey has proven itself, over and over, to be the best tool for the job, especially when there is no time to waste. My clients give me all the credit for rescuing their data. But it's Disk Jockey that does all the work and Diskology that deserves all the credit!"

Laurie A. Duncan
MacSamurai Consulting

The Disk Jockey, a "must have" tool that pays for itself.

"The DJ unit is a fantastic product and has probably already paid for itself in the couple of days we have had it. It is becoming an essential 'must have' in our workshop."

Tony R. Oxford Archaeology

Disk duplication is it's (main) game, but the Disk Jockey can even save lives

"My main Tablet PC has a windows crash that I cannot recover even with the recovery CDs from Compaq. I have another Tablet that I will clone the hard drive to the erased one. This is a lifesaver for me."

Michael J. Crowe, M.D.
Owensboro Dermatology Associates

Backups, erasing sesitive data... Disk Jockey does heavy lifting.

"I am using my Disk Jockey for two main purposes:

"(1) To completely erase a hard disk prior to reformatting and reinstalling Windows 2000, which I find necessary after a year or so to get rid of all the junk Bill Gates lets accumulate in hidden files. It's easier to start all over than to try to un-hide thousands of junk files, some of which may contain sensitive data, like passwords that a hacker can steal. Gates won't let you reinstall Windows 2000 Pro unless the disk has been wiped and he can't find any trace of the old installation. This eliminates "Boot Disk Unavailable" errors caused by the system detecting some hidden INI file you can't erase without Disk Jockey. Up yours, Bill!

"(2) To back up my notebook hard drive by making an exact duplicate. MUCH better than backing up to tape. Bill Gates makes it next to impossible to back up the operating system if you are using XP Pro on a laptop. Use the tape for data and Disk Jockey for the system - much easier and it works. You can also make different hard drives for different purposes and buy only one copy of XP, if you use them in the same laptop. Thus, I have a hard drive "for the road" when I take my laptop on a trip. The "road" drive has no bank account data, and other stuff I don't need on the road and would constitute a disaster if stolen. The "home" drive stays there, nice and secure while its laptop is traveling. Without Disk Jockey I would have to buy another copy of Windows XP for the road disk. Once again up yours, Gates!

"I am also using Disk Jockey to vet a new hard drive before putting it in a PC. I have many removable drives and do a considerable amount of buying surplus/used drives on the cheap, and use the Jockey to make sure they work and are erased before I put them in a machine and let the operating system get a whiff of the new disk."

William G. Nabor – PC Tech Guru

Disk Jockey used as Medical Device Backup / Archival tool.

"The Disk Jockey is also used in the medical device industry. One Disk Jockey customer who, for competitive purposes has asked to remain nameless has found a unique way to save a tremendous amount of time, and money, using the Disk Jockey.

"This large company manufacturers a high-end device that captures a lot of very large pictures and stores them to a hard disk drive inside of the medical device. The company previously used a software-interface to complete a sector-by-sector copy of the data from the hard disk drive inside of the medical device to a second drive in order to archive the data. The process was tedious and time consuming. The sector-by-sector copy in software alone could take several hours to complete leaving the techs for the medical device manufacturer looking for other options. Then along came the Disk Jockey!

"With the Disk Jockey, the techs were able to successfully clone the hard drives located inside of the device in less than 50 minutes freeing up the rest of the day for trying to locate free doctor scrubs and donuts left over from the pharmaceutical sales reps. Overall the Disk Jockey helped save this medical manufacturing company a tremendous amount of time and energy."

Large Company Tech Guy – name and company withheld at company discretion in hopes of maintaining a competitive advantage

"DiskJockey is the true 'jack of all trades' of hard drive tools! I'm a road warrior who needs technology on-the-go. There it sits in my bag of tricks just waiting to be of service."
Joshua Rafofsky
User Friendly Technology Consulting

Disk Jockey, the Swiss Army knife of hard disk tools:

"DiskJockey is the true 'jack of all trades' of hard drive tools! I'm a road warrior who needs technology on-the-go. There it sits in my bag of tricks just waiting to be of service. With the DiskJockey I'm able to clone hard drives, compare, verify, erase... all without even hooking it up a computer. I'm able to quickly connect two drives to my desktop without having to assemble an enclosure. The unit is speedy and reliable, and has just enough 'geek cred' to inspire bewildered stares. 'What is that, and how'd you do that so quickly?' they ask. Thanks to DiskJockey - it's my hard drives' best friend.

"I was very excited about the many uses towards which I could apply it. I am a Technology Consultant (with a personal specialty in Apple hardware) and am always looking for cool tools to expand my services. I travel from office to home office daily with my PowerBook, and the DiskJockey is small enough to carry in my 'bag of tricks.' I was thinking the portable DiskJockey could help me repair and upgrade my client's computers and TiVos, with the minimum of fuss.

"The first time I was successful using it, I cloned a 60 GB drive to a 160 GB drive. I certainly was impressed with the speed!"

Joshua Rafofsky - User Friendly Technology Consulting

"Thanks for making a great product, it certainly fits our needs here – and we're impressed enough with it that we're delighted to be a reseller of it!"
Jamie Dresser
Other World Computing

Disk Jockey so cool, we want to sell it!

"We received our first DiskJockey unit today, it was purchased for a special 'difficult' project. We are selling a large number of older Power Macintosh G3 'Beige' systems, and they are including Mac OS X 10.2 preinstalled on a new 60GB hard drive.

"Installing Mac OS X 10.2, with all of the associated system updates was taking 1.25 hours just for the OS X install, and another 1+ hours for the updates. This is not an efficient use of time, for sure. We tried the normal route of 'cloning' the hard drive using Mike Bombich's Carbon Copy Cloner, but due to some idiosyncrasy in the Beige G3's architecture, cloned drives would not work. They would function just great when they were still installed in the same system, but would fail when moved to a new machine. That's not good!

"The Disk Jockey took care of that problem! The 60GB drives are able to be duplicated in 30 minutes or less, and work every time - This is truly a case of the hardware paying for itself in no time at all!

"Thanks for making a great product, it certainly fits our needs here – and we're impressed enough with it that we're delighted to be a reseller of it!"

Jamie Dresser
Other World Computing

Disk Jockey, IT tool extraordinaire:

"The Disk Jockey makes assembly, loading and testing a breeze!"
Bart Altman
Precision Flight Controls

"The crew at PRECISION FLIGHT CONTROLS have found a very unique use for the Disk Jockey, deploying drives filled with software throughout the cockpit of an airplane flight simulator! PRECISION FLIGHT CONTROLS actually manufactures flight simulators. What we learned in discussing their interest in the Disk Jockey is that each simulator cockpit actually contains multiple computer systems. Each computer system is run from a small laptop hard disk drive. They need to load a certain suite of software programs on the hard disk drives with speed and exactness being their two main concerns. The Disk Jockey has saved them a considerable amount of time, headache and money.

"The Disk Jockey makes assembly, loading and testing a breeze!"

Bart Altman, Precision Flight Controls

From master to PC in minimal time courtesy of the Disk Jockey.

"You have a great product. The company bought a single Disk Jockey about a month ago and I have trouble getting it out of the hands of my tech at our other locations.

"I run the I.T. infrastructure in our corporate offices in Houston as well as our satellite offices in Tokyo and London. A.D. Vision (under the label ADV Films) is North America's largest distributor of Japanese Anime (Anime is the Japanese style of animated programs). You can see our products on the shelves of America's largest retailers. You can visit our website at for more information about the company.

"My team uses your wonderful product to roll out new PC's from a master disk image and also to upgrade our laptop inventories to larger hard drives with a minimum of fuss. I find your product very useful due to it's small size and stand-alone capabilities when I travel overseas and have to work on PC's that are in a foreign language. A quick clone of the existing hard drive has saved me hours when I have had to "roll" the original drive back to its starting condition."

Saul Hebert, Manager of I.T. at A.D. Vision, Inc.

"What a wonderful tool- every IT manager should have one close at hand."
Dr. Tim Hillman
The Prout School

Disk Jockey versatility

"What a wonderful tool- every IT manager should have one close at hand. I've used a lot of products, but the versatility of the Disk Jockey outstrips any competitor. (Assuming there's anything that does the job this well and this fast, I'm on my sixth machie in a hour)."

Dr. Tim Hillman - The Prout School

Disk Jockey speed and ease-of-use.

"I work for the Rome Sentinel co. in Rome, NY. We're a newspaper - one of only a handful of independent newspapers left in the state. My exact job description and title is a bit hard to pin down. Basically, if it involves a computer, it involves me. I've been doing this for well over a dozen years now. The Sentinel is almost completely a Mac only shop - a bit of a rarity these days. We have a couple of Sun boxes, and I can count our windows PC's on one hand.

"Its ability to let me just hook up a naked hard drive to a firewire port on my Mac is helpful. That allows me to connect a new drive, copy the contents of another, installed drive onto it, and then just quickly swap them. This does keep downtime to a minimum, and prevents me from having to copy all that data over an ethernet connection. And I'm sure that one of these days the secure erase feature will come in handy."

Dan Bronson - Rome Sentinel Co.

"Since, in our business, time = money, that is where the savings has been."
Guy Algot
Tech Guru Canada

Disk Jockey, true portability

"I, myself, am involved in a couple of things, mostly tech related. Primarily, I do sales, support and consulting with Interactive. We are an Apple authorized dealer focusing on the business, vertical, and video markets. We don't cater to the retail side but we do do business there. Most of our consulting is in IT for clients that either don't have or can't afford their own IT department.

"We use it for data transfers when clients upgrade computers. As a computer consultant, you need a couple of tools in the bag to handle issues that might arise. I have tested it in all of the modes and it works as expected. And no other device lets you do all of things it does in something that I can carry around in a briefcase.

"So far the benefit has been in its ability to connect more than a single drive to the computer. Since, in our business, time = money, that is where the savings has been."

Guy Algot – Tech Guru Canada

The Disk Jockey works with virtually any operating system.

"Disk Jockey kicks (butt)! Although we use it mainly for making cold copies of linux drives, Disk Jockey works perfectly for TiVo drive backups as well." –
Joseph DeRisi, Assistant Prof., Tomkins Chair, UC San Francisco Dept of Biochemistry and Biophysics

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