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Introducing the Disk Jockey Elite! The world's most portable hard disk duplicator and diagnostic product is now even better!

The new Disk Jockey Elite features a built-in LCD screen that allows you to see real-time information on elapsed time, time remaining and a visual indicator of any problems. The new Disk Jockey Elite includes many additional features as well, including:

  • Built-in SATA connectors on both sides of the Disk Jockey Elite.
  • Double the copy speed, now copy drives up to 4 GB/min (70 MB/sec).
  • DJ Elite now includes the ability to skip bad sectors during a copy to continue with the copy process.
  • eSATA connector as well as USB 2.0 to allow you to connect raw HDD's to your PC or Macintosh computer without the need for an external drive enclosure.
  • New Partition Copy Feature
  • Options Mode allows you to set up the number of retries to occur on bad sectors, adjust the time between drives spinning up, change the alarm sounds and choose whether or not the unit shuts down after an operation has completed.
Available in either Forensic  or IT models, the Disk Jockey Elite hard drive duplicator and diagnostic tool is a must for your computer toolbag. Visit the Diskology testimonials page to read dozens of reports of satisfied users who are using the Disk Jockey hard drive duplicator to save them time and money.
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Diskology introduces the ICS family of hard drive duplication products. ICS is the technology leader in the design and manufacturing of high-speed Hard Drive Duplication equipment, Software Cloning Solutions and Disk Drive Copy. Having developed the hard drive duplication technology (and holding a US Patent 6,131,141), ICS has gained international name recognition for 15 years of customer service and for providing its customers with cutting edge solutions for cloning hard drives, copying data, backing up data and for mass hard drive duplication.

The ImageMASSter Solo-IV IT is a high speed hard drive duplicator that copies, images or smart copy one hard drive to up to 3 target drives simultaneously very fast (At Sata-2 speed) with a built-in support for SAS, SATA and USB drives. It authenticates with SHA-1, SHA-2 and MD5. It also supports IDE, RAID, e-SATA drives as well as a variety of media cards and 1.8", 2.5", 3.5", Micro Sata, Zif drives. All Target drives images can be saved as 100% copies, Linux DD images or E01 formats. All "Master" drives can be encrypted "on-the-fly" during the acquisition/copy process to protect sensitive data during transportation or storage. The unit also offers a built-in Gigabit Ethernet connection allowing users to upload images to Storage Area Networks (SAN) for the purpose of processing and archiving images.

Designed exclusively for Forensic data acquisition, the ImageMASSter Solo-IV Forensic data imaging tool is a light weight, portable hand-held device that can acquire data to one or two evidence drives at speeds exceeding 3GB/Min.
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The SD Jockey is a portable SD copy and erase tool that allows you to quickly copy and securely erase SD card media without the use of a computer. The SD Jockey, when paired with a portable USB power supply, can be used in the field for one-off copies of photo and video projects saved to SD cards. The SD Jockey features include:
  • Erase mode will completely overwrite previous data
  • USB3.0 data port gives you super fast data read/write access, the SD Jockey can be used as a standard SD card reader.
  • LED indicators give a snapshot of current copy or erase mode and progress, Compatible SD or MicroSD formats include: SDSC / SDHC / SDXC / SDHC UHS-1(SDR104) / SDXC-UHS-1 (SDR104)
  • Simply set the SD media in the designated slots (SD and MicroSD supported) and simply push the start button.

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The Diskology Disk Jockey IT, Forensic, and ICS Solo III, and Image MASSter products allow you to quickly and easily perform the following tasks: Hard drive duplication, data back up and restore, computer upgrade, copy multiple hard drives, hard drive cloning, data erase (DoD wipe) and much more.

Drawing on patented technology and strong partnerships in the hard drive duplication industry, Diskology is able to offer a variety of hard drive duplicators to allow for hard disk duplication in most any circumstance, from computer forensic applications to IT. Whether using Diskology’s Disk Jockey family of hard drive duplicators, or the hard drive duplicators from technology partner ICS with their Image MASSter and Solo III product lines, all of a customer’s data backup and hard drive duplication needs can be met from one source.  

From small, affordable, portable hard drive duplicators to larger, higher-end mass-hard drive duplicators, Diskology provides hard drive duplication and hard drive imaging solutions that can copy or clone from one hard drive up to 8 at one time and wipe hard drives up to 9 drives simultaneously. The Disk Jockey family of hard disk duplicators can duplicate IDE (UDMA) and Serial-ATA (SATA) hard disk drives while the Solo III and Image MASSter product lines can clone SCSI, IDE, SATA, Serial SCSI and even Compact Flash Cards with the appropriate adapters.  

Whether you are looking for a simple, affordable solution to copy, clone or erase hard disk drives for computer forensic or IT use, or if you are looking for a hard disk duplicator that can handle larger jobs of up to 8 hard disk drives, Diskology has the hard disk duplicator for your needs.

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